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Tammy Wolf is a Fast Woman...On The Water

Tammy Wolf, a leading women's tunnel boat racer, discusses her passion and the 24 Hours of Rouen Race..

For the first time in the 48-year history of the 24 Heures Motonautiques Rouen, a prestigious powerboat racing event that is part of the World Long Distance Championship, an international all-female racing team traveled to Rouen, France, to compete against the top drivers in the world. And not only did these intrepid women participate in the May 26-27 racing event, they stormed the awards podium, taking home 4th in class and 9th overall.

The team comprised four of the world’s best female in-shore pilots, including team captain Marie-Line Hericher of France, Bimba Sjoholm of Sweden, Mette Bjerkaes of Norway and Canadian Tammy Wolf, who is currently based in Illinois. They had their share of problems: four drivers and one radio operator with four different native languages between them; radios that only worked half the time; and oil pump issues that kept the boat out of the race for two hours. But in the end, it all came together.

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