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In addition to her on-track success, Tammy helps companies engage their respective target audiences through marketing and communication campaigns.


One of the most popular female race boat drivers, Tammy likes sharing stories with her fans from her fascinating life as she discovers the undiscovered. She also has a solid experience hosting corporate events and is a motivational speaker.

Tammy masters the art of public speaking, as well as camera and thus offers an incredible showcase for companies with which it is associated.


The IOGP Champboat Formula 1 Powerboat Series is sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association (APBA).  This will be Tammys first season in Formula 1.  


Do you already realize how Tammy Wolf is able you help to reach new heights with your brand?


Tammy has supported companies in meeting their business objectives through:

- Marketing

- Networking/corporate events/VIP event

- Sensitize employees and customers

- Motivational programs

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